PDCC is one of the prospective national leading professional services organization offering agricultural livelihood, organizational, financial and microfinance advisory services and consulting services using a  straightforward approach to solve today’s most complex development challenges in agriculture and livelihood development interventions.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to improve livelihood activity performances, drive board’s value, and create competitive advantage.

PDCC Mission

Our mission is to provide needs based services with the view of helping our clients and our people improve their income, food and health security practices.

Our Approach

We are based and active in all the regions in Uganda from 2009 with head office in Nebbi District. PDCC combines locally based development-specific program management experience and consulting competence with extensive professional skills and practice know-how. This makes us able to advise our clients throughout the development management process, from planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and documentation process.

Key Competencies

PDCC key competencies are in the areas of: environment, agricultural livelihood, leadership and organizational development as well as production technologies, smallholder agricultural marketing, rural financing and credit management and farm business development support services.

Reference Services

International development organizations like Plan International-Uganda, SNV-Uganda, Catholic Services (CRS), Plan International Uganda and VEGA-AMED, as well as local organizations such as Agency For Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD), Okoro Coffee Growers Cooperative Union (UCGCU) and District Local Governments. We have successfully completed a number of assignments that explain our broad experience in development services. In working with the above organizations over the 6 years, PDCC has:

  • Created linkage and networks with a number of individuals and development organizations
  • Outsourced many development experts within West Nile and outside the region.
  • Gained legitimacy and credibility.
  • Adopted a result oriented service delivery that meets client needs
  • Developed a culture of honesty, innovativeness, transparent and accountable management system and partnership with our stakeholders.